18 Again (Complete) Kdrama Series Download

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18 Again (Complete) Kdrama Series

18 Again (Complete) Kdrama Series Download

Hong Dae-Young, 37, is the wife of Jung Da-Jung (Kim Ha-Neul) (Yoon Sang-Hyun). Both their daughter and son are 18 years old. As a new announcer, Jung Da-Jung puts in a lot of effort and has a good disposition. She can no longer handle her husband after she becomes utterly fed up with him. After being fired from his job, Hong Dae-Young is despised by his family. Handing him divorce papers is Jung Da-Jung.

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Hong Dae-Young, meanwhile, sees himself as a typical middle-aged jobless man. He regrets living it. His mind is still his 37-year-old self at that precise moment, but his body has changed to that of an 18-year-old. Hong Dae-Young (Lee Do-Hyun) excelled at basketball while still in his adolescence and was well-liked. With his 18-year-old body back in place, he now goes by Ko Woo-Young and starts a new life.


18 Again (Complete) Kdrama Series Download


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Episode 2

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Episode 10

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Episode 13

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Episode 16 (END)

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